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Q‐Porkchains, a European research project for sustainable pork production chains

The EU‐funded research project Q‐Porkchains (Quality Porkchains; www.q‐ was carried out from January 2007 to June 2012. It was coordinated by the University of Copenhagen and a total of 200 full time equivalents were mobilised by 62 partners in 20 countries. French participants included the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), the French Pork and Pig Institute (IFIP), the Polytechnic Institute La Salle Beauvais, the Regional Chamber of Agriculture in Brittany (CRAB), Hypor France and the Glon Group. The general objective of Q‐Porkchains was to contribute to the development of innovative, integrated and sustainable chains for the production of high quality pork and pork products matching consumer demands and citizen expectations. Q‐Porkchains produced and disseminated new knowledge on consumer demands and citizen attitudes and expectations, sustainability of pig husbandry systems, processing of pork products, chain management and governance, quality measurement and management. It also endeavoured to integrate knowledge through modelling (www.qpc‐, to disseminate it, particularly via the development of on line teaching modules (, and to put it into practice through demonstration and pilot chains (www.q‐porkchains‐ and the development of tools ( Key results from Q‐Porkchains are presented along the three main integrated themes: exploiting and enhancing the diversity of consumer and societal demands, production chains and products; Enhancing overall sustainability for the planet, people and profit; and managing quality through quality assessment and quality assurance.

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