Meat science toward 2030: global strategic directions initiative background paper

Birkenwood International Pty Ltd is inviting you to contribute to the international research agenda in meat sciences.
PHASE 1. We invite you to submit your views in response to the following questions:
1) What are the key challenges and opportunities for meat science toward 2030?
2) How do we harness meat science and related expertise into the future?
Please submit online at: Meat Science Toward 2030 ( . We welcome responses until June 20th, 2018.
PHASE 2. Review of all submissions. The submissions will inform the setting up of a Global Meat Science Expert Group and high level discussions within this group when convened in Phase 3.
PHASE 3. Convening of the Global Meat Science Expert Group for a 2-day meeting (location to be advised).
Members of the Meat Science Expert Group will receive funding towards personal time spent and travel. It is anticipated that the outcomes of this meeting will include agreement on high-level strategies that address the identified challenges and opportunities out to 2030. These will include potential strategic approaches to encourage collaborative application of global resources and development of research talent together with an acceleration of knowledge transfer through enhanced industry and research interaction.