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News: Is animalism an anti-humanism?

Both the phenomenon of development of pets (almost considered as being equal to man) and the excesses of intensive breeding have favored the extension of the animalist movement, which sometimes derives towards activism. According to the author, the audience of the animalist movement that has great influence on society and deciders, is prejudicial to the human species. This reasoning shared by many other authors is complemented here by a more controversial position: the concept of “animal welfare”, a subject of many interpretations, would support the animalist cause. The author also reviews other distinctions that are dear to him: we should consider animals and not one animal, we should better balance things between rationality and emotions, between “ethics of conviction” and “ethics of responsibility”, etc. Despite the fact that the author relies on the collective scientific strategy to support his reasoning (and thus to sweep away the received ideas), he does not hesitate to criticize its orientations (concerning in particular the study of animal welfare). While recognizing the need to protect animals, the author takes a position while trying to prove that animalism is contrary to the interest of humanity and therefore anti-humanist. His concluding argument states that the growing force of the animalist movement can be explained by contradictions of human nature and a mixture of science and moral, or emotions and rationality.

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