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An inter-professional approach to co-elaborate a tool for beef cattle and dairy cattle farmers to assess animal welfare

An inter-professional approach for the co-development of a tool for the assessment of animal welfare for beef cattle and dairy cattle farmers
The beef and dairy cattle sectors - through their national organizations INTERBEV and CNIEL – have decided to work on common animal welfare indicators. This system will give breeders a basic tool in order to objectify and guarantee animal welfare and so provide reinsurance to consumers and citizens. Thanks to these tools, dairy cattle and beef cattle breeders will be able to assess their farm system, identify progresses, and reinforce them. This work is based on principles and definitions of OIE (World Organisation for Animal Welfare), and also on technical and scientific skills of steering committee members. Also, an indicators list has been co-constructed, taking into account their relevance and objectivity, for monitoring and improving animal welfare for dairy and beef cattle. It could be used as a diagnosis for breeders and breeding technicians. Considering the bibliography and interviews of breeders, each indicator has been declined as animal or environmental measures (as far as possible). The indicators concern animal comfort, injuries and illnesses, mortality, pain management and reproduction practices, animal feed, environmental conditions and human-animal relationship. This collective reference is totally integrated in the global strategy of dairy and beef cattle sectors, and is supported by consultations with their stakeholders. This system is likely to be improved thanks to new R&D activities. All the results will be used for a global process approach and reinsurance in animal welfare in France, for dairy and beef cattle.

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