Ethics of the man-animal relationship. For a fair balance

The animal occupies a position in society that is gaining in importance, which is probably excessive, in  society. The books devoted to the ethical questions that concern animals are mostly very much in their favor. The consultation of members of various sections of the Academy of Agriculture and the Veterinary Academy as part of one book on such a sensitive topic, allowed questioning all the sensibilities, far from any partisan speech, while respecting the right balance needed to process reliable information. Even though the object of the debates was the animal, its status, its well-being, it seemed necessary to place it in a context of production and thus in its economic context. This is why livestock farming is at the heart of the book's concerns. But no aspect of human-animal relationships has been ignored: What are animals? Various approaches; Ethics of human-animal relations in livestock farming; Ethics of animal experimentation; Ethics of human-animal relations; Other aspects of animal ethics. This book aims at encouraging reflection.