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La revue française de la recherche en viandes et produits carnés  ISSN  2555-8560




Environmental impacts and ecosystem services, methodologies inventories to assess French beef livestock systems

Over the last ten years, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) has been adapted to the agricultural sector. Common methodologies have been developed and used in livestock production to assess environmental burdens. These methodologies focused on traditional impacts such as climate change, acidification, etc. do not cover the biodiversity and ecosystem services. Biodiversity and ecosystem services are complex and multivariate by nature. Their assessment is complicated by the lack of a common ‘currency’, and by being extremely context-dependent. The livestock sector as a major user of land resources is contributing to ecosystem services (ESS) which benefit to society. By this way, environmental analysis has to address multifunctionality of livestock production systems. To increase the relevance of methodologies to the livestock sector, methods need to be capable of reflecting the range of beneficial as well as detrimental impacts due to livestock systems. Several approaches have been tested to propose characterization factors and to converge LCA and ESS analysis, but investigations are needed to better consider landscape scale, genetic diversity, reference situation, etc.

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