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Pleasure and health in the plate

During the history, food has been associated with the concept of health. In France, we associate all together, food, health and pleasure in the plate. Regarding health, media messages are too negative and efforts should be made in communication to give nutritional information more targeted and of better quality. Concerns of professionals are now to better respond to societal expectations by working on the composition of products (with less salt, less fat, less additives) and the preservation of taste. Moreover, thanks to the arrival of connected objects (by internet or wifi), consumers can cook more easily and have access to a greater range of services. This favours personalized food to better meet the diverse and complex demands of consumers. Consumer satisfaction also depends on satiety and therefore on food products that better induce satiety. Methods of R&D are also changing with new approaches called "observational" (where consumers are observed using cameras) in addition to conventional approaches. Beyond health, this research also includes the concept of sustainability of production and food sectors, which is likely to improve the image of the food industry. Indeed, the externalization of certain steps between the fork and the fork induced a loss of control by consumers and thus to less trust for food products. A demand of transparency (which can be met for instance by open doors of food companies) and more cooking (facilitated by connected devices) are two ways to restore confidence. It was recalled in conclusion that France has a unique food model and the whole World envies us. Let us keep it in particular through R&D of high quality targeted to personalized solutions according to consumers’ profiles (age, sex, etc.).

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