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Modified atmosphere packaging and butchers, delicatessen butchers and caterers

Some butchers, delicatessen butchers and caterers would like to package products under modified atmosphere, but do not have enough information adapted to the craftsman sector. A study was set up to determine what these craftsmen butchers are interested in, their practical and theoretical knowledge and their expectations regarding this process. Thus two surveys were conducted by mail and interviews, by the French Livestock Institute. These surveys identified the interest that craftsmen have for modified atmosphere packaging along with their practical and theoretical knowledge and their expectations. Some craftsmen have limited knowledge of this specific packaging and sometimes confuse this with vacuum-packed goods. There are a few atypical craftsmen who use modified atmosphere packaging in their companies: out of 11 people concerned by the questionnaire, 10 have large companies and often several sales locations. These craftsmen depend on the information provided by the companies that furnish the material. They would appreciate additional technical-economic information and tests or training (at their own company) on how to condition their products under a modified atmosphere.
The data gathered was used in the elaboration of a summary review, providing easy-to-read information for craftsmen.

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