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Food wastage and microbiological spoilage: where does the French food industry stand?

Reducing food loss and wastage, which is currently estimated as one-third of world food production, represents a major challenge for society at the beginning of this 21st century. In this context, an important survey of the French food industry by RMT Florepro provides new information on these losses. At the industrial level, this problem concerns all food companies and in particular those in the meat sector. These companies must often deal with recurring alterations of their products. These alterations have non-negligible economic impacts for these companies although they are difficult to measure. Their origin is often microbiological with specificities according to the product categories considered.
To detect these alterations, food companies use reliable methods that detect spoilage at an early stage. Control methods they apply are based on different control solutions that are not always fully satisfactory. Among these solutions, biopreservation represents an original approach that is compatible with the evolution of consumers’ trends towards products that are free or less rich in additives and preservatives. This technology however remains widely known among manufacturers depending on the sectors and products considered.
In the end, it appears that a better understanding of the ecosystems of products and their overall physico-chemical composition is necessary to remove a certain number of obstacles encountered today by manufacturers in order to anticipate and effectively combat the occurrence of microbial alterations. In this respect, recent progress in instrumental techniques and molecular biology methods offer interesting prospects.

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